The most common cause of sewer gas odor is when the water evaporates out of an unused or seldom used sink p-trap or floor drain, allowing sewer gas to escape.

Dry P Trap

Sewer Gas SolutionsTM eliminates sewer gas infiltration into buildings by creating a non-toxic, long-lasting layer which prevents water in plumbing traps from evaporating.


Formulated with natural botanicals and certified organic ingredients, Sewer Gas SolutionsTM is a non-toxic, proprietary liquid containing no harsh chemicals. It has a mild, pleasant aroma, will not damage plumbing fixtures or pipes, and remains stable across a wide range of temperatures, from a low of 32 degrees (freezing) to a high of 120 degrees.



Sewer gas can include hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane, methyl mercaptan, carbon dioxide, sulfur-dioxide water vapor, and more. When it travels into a building through an evaporated plumbing trap, it can cause unpleasant, irritating, damaging and even potentially dangerous fumes. This not only creates foul odors, but can lead to mistaken reports of natural gas leaks, costly Indoor Air Quality complaints and building evacuations, and wasted time for the gas companies and local fire departments called out to investigate. Evaporated (dry) plumbing traps add to the potential hazards by also becoming an open passageway for sewer pests (insects, arachnids and rodents).

Manually maintaining plumbing traps to prevent sewer gas and unwanted pests from entering a building requires considerable time and labor to refill the water in each p-trap every week or two. By minimizing water evaporation, Sewer Gas SolutionsTM helps prevent the related infiltration of pests and noxious sewer gas, thereby eliminating sewer gas odors, avoiding related hassles and hazards, and saving the labor and cost of having to manually fill p-traps on a regular basis. Just fill the plumbing trap, pour Sewer Gas SolutionsTM into the drain and you can forget about it for months, as it will start working immediately to prevent the water from evaporating in the trap.